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DAM of the SAP Database

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The database has a significant effect on the performance of the entire system. Therefore, transaction RZ20 provides alerts concerning the database system.
The MTE Database provides information about space management, performance, backup and restore, and running jobs.
Transaction ST04 is the standard tool for monitoring database behavior. and performance and is used to analyze several alerts concerning performance issues in the alert monitor. The R/3 Database Monitor (transaction ST04) displays the important parameters and performance indicators for the database, such as database size, database buffer quality, and database configuration.
The R/3 Database Monitor also provides the date and time when the database was started. Before you analyze the information in the R/3 Database Monitor, we recommend that you run the database for several hours with a typical database workload.
The Detail Analysis Menu of the SAP Database Monitor displays more detailed information on SQL requests, database parameters and change history, and statistics for analyzing database activity.
If you use the System Administration Assistant for your daily system checks, it also provides you with direct access to the database transactions.

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