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国际知名外企招聘-CDI Enginee-北京

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Job Description
To provide a high level of technical integration support and solution to STB manufacturers, chip vendors and technology partners who are incorporating Irdeto technology in their products and to work with various internal teams on design, develop, test of Irdeto client software.
Primary responsibilities:
•        Assist manufacturers during the development, debugging and testing phases of integrating Irdeto technology in their products, by providing a high standard of guidance, training, information and technical support.
•        Liaise with systems architects to determine the implementation of the requirements in client device.  Assist in writing software specifications and test procedures.  Perform. lab tests of new functionality.
•        Write / update technical documentation for manufacturers as needed.
•        Liaise with the Engineering development team on bugs, bug fixes and upgrades.
•        To support other client device support engineers when needed.
•        To assist CDO management team on improving the infrastructure and procedures within the global CDI team.
•        To be a technical specialist in at least one area of Irdeto client device product.
•        Develop software modules for use by manufacturers or internal team.
•        Develop training material on Irdeto client device technology for manufacturers as needed.
•        Provide technical support to Irdeto CS/Sales for operator issues as needed.
•        To train new client device engineers during their learning curve.
Interfaces and Authority:
•        Client Device manufacturers’ development teams on technical issues debug.
•        Provide technical guidance to the Irdeto business team.  
•        To verification test team to understand problems found during the verification test of the client device, and propose solution to manufacturer.
•        Support development team on specifications updating, bug fixes and product upgrades.
Required Skills
•        B.Sc. or M.Sc. in software engineering, communication engineering or similar.
•        Knowing embedded Middleware Software or chip design is preference.
•        Thoroughly familiar with MPEG and DVB standards, and with Irdeto client device technology.
•        Clear verbal and written communication skills in English.
•        Can work independently – manages own time and sets own priorities amongst several concurrent projects.
•        Multitask – can work on multiple projects in parallel.
•        Works with engineers and technical management outside of Irdeto, so needs to establish personal and technical credibility at a high level.
•        Speaking Korean is preferred.
Required Experience
•        Experienced, mature software developer.  
•        3 or more years of embedded software development experience
•        1 year or more of STB/Chip software development experience

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