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Fairchild Semiconductor's IntelliMAX Design Tools

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Applications: Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) for portable applications designed to provide a web-based simulation tool that can quickly and accurately evaluating the practical application of advanced load switches in the circuit performance. IntelliMAX design tool is different from other simulation tools, because in the pre-defined application circuit includes Fairchild's advanced load switch model and provides an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

This feature allows designers to quickly and easily adjust Electronic Components Suppliers the circuit component values, and thus closer to the application of operating conditions. With this tool, interactive graphics user interface (GUI), application designers can test the most critical of their performance, the simulation environment to accelerate product selection and validation, in order to enhance system robustness, and speed products to market. Fairchild's highly integrated comprehensive IntelliMAX advanced load switches in a compact package with the protection, control and fault monitoring features, power IC Suppliers management can reduce the design complexity and shorten time to market.

In addition to IntelliMAX design tools, Fairchild there are many other tools to help designers bring products to market faster. For example, Fairchild's FETBench ?design tool, provides more than 300 Fairchild MOSFET car dvd devices, the actual data table environment that allows designers based on their specific application requirements and optimize MOSFET selection. Fairchild also offers a large number of reference design examples to help designers achieve higher efficiency, simplify system design, reducing board space, and products to market faster. 

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