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Southeast China tungsten industry base

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Ninghua County, Fujian Province Government offices today (15th) revealed here, Ninghua County through the introduction of active development of tungsten neodymium magnets industry clusters, and tungsten extends serial products deeply process industry chain, the planning and construction of tungsten industry base and strive to become the Southeast's largest tungsten industry base.
According to reports, Ninghua County row Los hang up to 300,000 tons of tungsten ore reserves, was one of the largest four tungsten deposits in China. In May 2004, the tungsten industry Corporation and Xiamen, Xiamen Hong of tungsten and molybdenum company limited jointly funded the three ninghua Los rows row Los hang tungsten mines limited developed tungsten mine, the first phase of project total investment of 380 million yuan in August 2005, commenced construction and successfully conducted feeding test in August 2007.
At present, ninghua Los hang tungsten ore limited company with an annual output of 2,800 tons of tungsten concentrates, output value of more than 200 Molybdenum million Yuan, is expected in 2012 with an annual output of various grades more than more than 4,000 tons of tungsten concentrates, more than 200 tons of molybdenum concentrate, the output value will reach $ 400 million.
Ninghua County Government officials said the Government inaugurated the country's largest gravity concentrator Los hang tungsten brand and Jinjiang tungsten industry projects as a leader, the construction of production line which produce 5,000 tons of ammonium paratungstate, development of tungsten ore processing industry. Development of blue tungsten oxide, tungsten trioxide, tailings comprehensive utilization projects, development of wolframite concentrates, molybdenum concentrates, tungsten ore output value of industry for the year is expected to reach $ 400 million.

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