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Weeding safe for me and my garden

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"Never treat nearly a water

Stronger than cultivated plants, weeds require regular maintenance garden. But to weed, it is important to respect the rules of good practice.

VousProt間ez Protect your skin by wearing impervious gloves and rubber boots. Wear long sleeves and avoid shorts. Indoor waterfalls  Avoid walking in the area just treated. Keep children and pets away until the spray has dried on the leaves.

Use the right product at the right surface endroitSi weeding is important, you should use a concentrate for dilution. If weeds are sparse, a product ready for use in spray will be most convenient. Never treat the areas near a water source, resulting in rivers (gutter, sewer, drainage grid). Weed by hand or mulch.

Weed momentL'id閍l is the right to weed a day without rain and no wind, moderate temperature. The wind can throw the product on you and on neighboring plants. Wall fountains  Rain reduces the effectiveness of the product and result in little runoff into water sources. When it's cold, the sap does not circulate sufficiently in plants. Hot weather, the product evaporates before entering the plant.

Choose the right mat閞ielNe deal ever with a watering can. Invest in a sprayer that will serve as weeding. Buy as a cover herbicide to protect neighboring plants, or if you weed trees at the foot of a tree, for example.

Do not overdose pasUtilisez the measuring cap of the product. Always observe the recommended dosage on the label. This is not the time to add more. Prepare only the amount of mixing required. Prepare this mixture away garden statuary  from a water point.

D閟herbageApr鑣 after application, rinse three times the sprayer, gloves and boots. Empty the rinse water to the areas already covered or bushes or wasteland. Never empty the leap from the can or rinse water near a water or sanitation. If there is product, store it in the original packaging in a closed and protected from freezing. Keep products out of reach of children and animals. If you want to get rid of an unfinished bottle, take it to the dump.

For more information:

> And you, what are your methods for weed? Send us your tips for weeding!

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