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Samsung and IBM announced a breakthrough 200GHz cutoff frequency of graphene FET

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Graphene FET's

Graphene FET's

In the "IEDM 2010 seminar on the opening day, South Korea's Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and IBM have released a Electronic Components Distributors  U.S. breakthrough 200GHz cutoff frequency of graphene FET. Two companies plan to apply high-frequency RF components.

SAIT President Kinam Kim delivered a morning keynote speech, presented the Institute's latest developments in graphene FET. Kim said that the Institute with a diameter of 150mm silicon substrate produced a gate length of 180nm graphene FET, and proven to work with the cutoff frequency of 202GHz. Graphene film using semiconductor manufacturing technology, and high-affinity low-temperature plasma enhanced CVD method approach, film-forming temperature of 650 ?. Kim said, this method has been established that even single-layer graphene film technology. Carrier mobility rate of 10,000 3000cm2/Vs.

On graphene FET, Kim said in his speech, "as the high-speed high-frequency IC Distributors  signal processing components, with a high potential, but also integration with Si-CMOS circuit. In the future may also be estimated with the same silicon substrate with component integration graphene FET and spin electronics components, etc. In addition, SAIT's IEDM will be posted on the results of Kim introduced the details.

IBM and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released (MIT), joint research results. Both co-developed form. in the SiC substrate gate length of 240nm graphene FET, and verify its cut-off frequency of 230GHz. Graphene substrate and SiC film by heat treatment. The team also produced a gate length of 100nm below the graphene FET, gate length of 90nm components cut-off frequency of 170GHz. According to IBM, cut-off frequency components than the gate length of 240nm low is because the size is still unable to establish a shorter gate electrode formation process of self-adjustment, and can not use the gate electrode controls the electric field channel accounted for half the gate length. If BUY Electronic Components  you can overcome these problems, the components 90nm gate length "cut-off frequency can be increased to 300G ~ 400GHz (IBM's publisher YQWu).

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