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Fujian merchants return: South of the River is also home town (picture).

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Yesterday, step off the bus pick-up, Fujian merchants "return" to Henan newspaper reporter Wang Di/photo

Fujian merchants good Jia since ancient times.

Singing inspirational songs of the love spell will win, good merchants Fujian merchants intensive "run away", and toured at home and abroad.

Today, the response in Fujian Province "Fujian merchants returning," the call, a large number of Fujian merchants to break top soil, is returning to their homeland, serve the homeland.

Similarly, because of historical origins, Henan is Hakka's ancestral home, is also the spiritual home town of Fujian merchants.

This time, deep region from Fujian entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Macao visit to Henan, so much that trip to Fujian merchants seeking to Henan and look for opportunities, rather than "Fujian merchants return", "home town" tour.

Therefore, this deep area between Fujian and Hong Kong and Macao visit to the Central Plains will be a unique experience, will certainly be on th China fair for international investment and trade in Henan and writing a new story.

Fujian merchants

CCTV-5 advertising revenues of 500 million, Fujian merchants invested 400 million

Chinese business known as the five merchants, respectively, were merchants, Shanxi and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian. Back its development can be seen that companies contend for hegemony in China, five merchant presents "Overlord round village" trend.

First ascent of the Huizhou merchants and Shanxi, were later Guangdong beyond, later zheshang ZTE, went beyond Guangdong, Fujian merchants now rise gradually beyond zheshang.

Today, the Fujian merchants greater energy, can be seen on an example.

A dozen years ago, zheshang is represented by wahaha CCTV's major advertising. Prior to that, Yue is a guest of CCTV.

"30 years of Hedong, Hexi 30 years", now that CCTV ad the rivers and lakes have quietly changed hands, Fujian merchants took top spot. What is more, Fujian merchants also turned the CCTV-5 into a veritable "Jinjiang channel". CCTV-5 's annual advertising revenues of approximately $ 500 million, while Anta, Cycling Clothing  Mac, qipai, ACME, Kiss, music, seven Wolf, deerhui, SBS Hing, rich bird, good point, the Fujian brand advertising dollars, accounted for 400 million.

Fujian merchants energy evident.

Adhering to the "love spell will win" Zu Xun, Fujian merchants after decades of hard work, has become a strong international business, "largest merchants abroad" in the world.

Incomplete statistics, in other parts of the province of Fujian xingye 4.1 million people from Fujian businessman, founder of enterprise 220duowanjia, the cumulative total capital over $ 1 trillion and annual trade of over $ 800 billion. World top 500 in China, Fujian merchants more than just one-tenth.

Complex of Henan

"Ocean" to "Central Plains"

Historically, Fujian ocean of consciousness is strong, apart from the fact that is near the sea beyond the natural advantages, but also by Fujian people share the deep sense of.

Because of crowded, long ago, the Fujian people dropped the "ground plane food" concept, the courage to March towards the sea. In particular, Zheng also promoted the popularization and development of marine knowledge, strengthen the sense of Fujian Ocean.

Generation phase hit Fujian merchants not only created the world-famous "marine Silk Road", political strategists had also been established in East Asia, Southeast Asia's business empire at sea.

Now, in more than 50 million overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese all over the world, people from Fujian one-fifth, distributed in more than 170 countries and regions of the world.

Known as a strong sense of "Ocean awareness" Fujian merchants, why suddenly turn inland, Raiders Central Plains?

Expert analysis, seen from the cultural complex, Fujian merchants investing heavily into the Central Plains is a natural thing. Because Fujian merchants on the cultural ideas of that "most are home town", while the Central Plains is the home of the Hakkas. Fujian merchants in concept, emphasis is on "man in the poets ' long stay, Commissioner of customs and be mindful of the Heung Yee Kuk. End of a House of gold, mother earth fence, two-phase not abandoning, Wanli with spring. And economic world, supporting kernel Mulberry ".

In view of this, more Fujian merchants group Henan investment and enterprise, in addition to its "and economic world" ambition outside, there is a "feedback Tsz Mulberry" feeling.

"As business people, make more money, are only the accumulation of wealth, is temporary. But recognition of the cultural, heritage from generation to generation and everlasting. "Significance of talks about returning to Central Plains, a Fujian merchants is so mixed feelings.

In addition, "Ocean" to "Central Plains" adjustment, also reflects Fujian merchants opportunities a sensitive sense of smell, because they know that, in the strategy of rise of central China, are showing a unique advantage in Henan, Fujian merchants group guide central plain at the moment, both won "Beijing kitchen", and also local enterprises in Henan province to witness the rise of Central Plains land.

Central plain Guide

Fujian merchants investment in Henan province, triggering the "butterfly effect"

Fujian merchants is very powerful, but in the eyes of many people, this business Ed seems very far away from us, just the end of last year when Party Secretary Lu zhangong Linying research a photograph, Fujian merchants come into our vision of this group.

Last December, Party Secretary Lu zhangong Linying research, photo and Fujian merchants in local entrepreneurs.

In this photo, Fujian merchants in the front row, Lu zhangong, Secretary in the back row. Later, this photo was published on the Henan daily, forwards and by many Web sites, quickly become the focus of social buzz.

Here is a Photos passed out of business, love, respecting commercial information caused the "butterfly effect", which led to more Fujian merchants, they expand in overseas and Hong Kong and Macao areas such as deep business domain at the same time, Central Plains as a secondary expansion destination.

Linying County Party Secretary Guo Guohui was moved to say: "Secretary of standing in the back seat and Min Lu photo session, not only is King the respect of the performance, was serving the embodiment of; and Fujian merchants brought about by the representatives of the ' effect of investment promotion, a year is worth our investment. "

In fact, Fujian merchants bunching Central Plains is not confined to Linying corner.

As early as a few years ago, Fujian merchants short sleeve cycling jersey  have been investing heavily in the central plain delete, now in the Central Plains to spell out the world, but they have consistently low profile, there is no secret.

A case study of Zhengzhou, won more than one: the project of thang long-time home buyers in one breath, first introduced in the Zhengzhou ShoppingMall baolong group business concepts, as well as in oil, such as real estate, Nakano Dake show some real estate projects with a min Chinese background have been rising and, in addition, there are Gold Coast, in Henan, Henan Sheng hongyi China, Zhengzhou, Henan medium many min shangzheng forge into the Central Plains. According to statistics, at present on the market of Zhengzhou no fewer than 10 real estate enterprise with a min Chinese background.

Right now, there are still many Fujian merchants to participate in the "fight for hegemony". Fujian merchants cluster of Central Plains triggered "butterfly effect" is still continuing, and growing.

Fujian merchants return

Holding the advantage, in Henan province "zhuchaoyinfeng"

In fact, in order to promote the rise of central China and rejuvenation of the Central Plains, and Henan have been working hard.

Seeks to adjust the industrial structure and change the mode of development of the introduction of "big business, big business" campaign, to this day about "central China economic zone on the" grand blueprint is to promote the rising of major policy decisions.

Similarly, the forthcoming opening of th China fair for international investment and trade in Henan province, and this deep area between Fujian and Hong Kong and Macao in Henan, Henan "zhuchaoyinfeng" an important move.

More Fujian merchants 3 In 1 Jacket  to invest in Henan province, both Fujian merchants, or Henan and local companies, is an opportunity.

First, the Fujian merchants, unique resource advantages, locational advantages in Henan and significant radiative forcing, Fujian merchants operating in reduced costs, and establish the brand in a short time, putting the "world of Central Plains" for ancient maxims.

Second, from Lu zhangong-Secretary of the provincial party Committee with feelings, respect, love can be seen, Henan policy makers on the attitude of companies displayed respect and filled with sincerity, Fujian merchants to invest in Henan has a relaxed environment.

Henan people's inherent simplicity, hard work, enthusiasm, good quality, as well as the "great pursuit of ordinary, quiet, full of zeal, usually very strong sense of" profound mass Foundation are foreign businessmen to invest in Henan.

Therefore, we have reason to believe that Fujian merchants investment in Henan province, would not only be God-like privileges, but also because of millions of "home town elders" take under our wings tengda.

Henan enterprises should have the courage to "dancing with Wolves"

Similarly, the more "Fujian merchants return" Henan is also a lot of good.

Fujian merchants to Henan, brings not only money and taxes, along with advanced technology, management experience and models of development. They can solve the Henan "where does the money come from," challenges in Henan have money to organize more events on people's livelihood, people can benefit from them.

In addition, Fujian merchants to Henan for local companies, but it was also a "dancing with Wolves" opportunities, only with strong opponents Pulpo is can be acquired "King Kong's body". Who want to be "Wolves" eating, local companies can only learn from each other, innovation system, innovation.

As Henan "big business, big business" activities advancing in depth, as well as the "central China economic zone" blueprint for implementation, there will be more and more business opportunities in clusters. This will attract more Fujian merchants to invest in Henan province, to break top soil. In this process, the Fujian merchants in the "central China home town" harvest more wealth "towns", expand "first merchants" momentum; also will vary between Fujian and Henan "feedback culture" much benefit and achieve win-win.

In contributing to the rise of central China, realizing the rejuvenation of the Central Plains in the Horn, we ushered in the deep area between Fujian and Hong Kong and Macao business elite, their arrival, renewed with Yu Min-told tale of the rise of Central Plains with the enterprise venture, win hand in hand, for China to achieve balanced development and economic growth to provide new impetus.

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