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Array infrared cameras monitor main advantages in the security industry.

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Array infrared cameras monitor main advantages in security industry

Light absorption
As we all know, infrared LED in front of each General has a spherical surface, the optical design is an independent, changing spot size. When more than one infrared LED after grouped around the camera lens, emanate light is composed of multiple beam overlap, overlap will particularly high brightness, video surveillance  while also forming a circle, that is, "flashlight effect", night vision screen effect is certainly not uniform. And infrared array camera is equivalent to a big point light, through special optical design allows light uniform. irradiation of the object being monitored, the resulting monitoring around the middle of the screen and the brightness is the same.

Small size
As mentioned earlier, array infrared use highly integrated advanced packaging technology, a piece of packaging dozens of array infrared chip wafer, zhijiagai size only. Imagine LED dozens of a single combined volume will be? Small size the most important thing is easy to apply, if a single LED dozens of combinations of infrared light sources installed on high speed dome camera, the effect was predictable.
Long service life
Infrared technology ensures CCD array good working state, its service life for ordinary LED infrared camera 9 times. Ordinary LED infrared camera LED light emitting tube and placed in a cavity, and LED tube heat pass the PCB Board are effectively disseminated, the temperature problem of serious constraints on the life of CCD. Ordinary LED infrared cameras in use 3 months later, began to show signs of aging, the picture appears fuzzy, white, contrast, lack of problems directly affecting the effect of the product, or even the whole camera scrap.
High brightness
It is clear that brighter light irradiation distance farther, a single output LED power is 5~15mW, while it is possible to increase the current dome camera  to increase brightness, but limitations of the material itself is, infrared photoelectric conversion efficiency is not high, only 20%, and the remaining heat is the 80%. Therefore, increasing the brightness at Bose 301 speakers  the same time, also has more thermal energy, which strict temperature requirements for key device CCD camera, obviously will not work. In addition, multiple combinations are LED to PCB Board as carrier, the thermal performance is not good. Light source and array camera, by dozens of high efficiency and high power Crystal on a plane through high technology package, good thermal conductivity device configuration. At the same time increasing its photoelectric conversion efficiency, a single LED luminosity is 100 times.
High efficiency
Determined by characteristics of the semiconductor itself, its luminous efficiency and heat dissipation is a virtuous GE-ring. Cooling performance, the better, then working temperature is lower operating temperature low and can better ensure the luminescence efficiency. Otherwise, is constantly decaying into efficiency of a vicious circle. In addition, we adopt independent patent for high frequency spikes in power supply system of power supply, ensure a higher degree of efficiency.

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