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the textile industry R & D program

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Recently, the Pakistani government decided to subsidize the textile industry R & D programs one year extension cheap designer handbags  to June 2008, that the domestic textile industry to provide more support.
According to the textile industry funded research and development program, the Pakistani government will engage in domestic exports of knitted and woven garments, home textiles and dyeing fabric dyeing and printing products business to provide the equivalent of FOB export price (FOB price) promotional giftsGlass promotional gifts  6%, 5% and 3% R & D subsidies.
The R & D subsidies also apply to domestic production of polyester cotton Pakistani products, the Pakistani government will provide subsidies for R & D funding by 3.5%; In addition, Pakistan also plans to leather products 6% of R & D subsidy payments.
In June 2005, Pakistan announced the implementation of the textile industry R & D subsidy programs, but only for knitted and woven products; 2006 home textiles Wholesale kids clothes  and fabric products will be included in the program.

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