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Hemp: its uses in the house

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"The fiber used to make insulating panels and rolls

Building green is now more than a trend. Hemp is a natural material with wall shelvesTaylor Display wall shelves  many uses are for construction and decoration. Decryption by S閎astien Le Borgne, Commercial Director at Technichanvre.

Interview by B閞ang鑢e Larivaud

What is hemp? Hemp is an annual plant with a short cycle of 100 days. It is sown in April-May and is harvested in September-October. It grows on most soils and has no large water needs.

What is hemp used originally? It used to be cultivated hemp as the first "break crop", that is to say, before another culture to prepare the land. Indeed, it gives a good quality of soil: ventilated, clean, weed-free. It requires no pesticides or herbicides. Much has also grown hemp in the era of sailing ships, the 18th and 19th centuries. The fiber was then used to make ropes, sails, but also clothing.

Since when do we use hemp in the building? The use of hemp has developed in the 1990s. There are about thirty varieties of hemp approved, either for seed or for the straw. It is from the straw floating shelvesBeveled Floating shelves  which is extracted useful material for the building: first hemp fiber, on the other hand the boon, which is the wood of the plant.

What do we manufacture with the seed, fiber and hemp boon? The seed used to produce edible oil, oil cake for animal feed and cosmetics.
The fiber is usually reworked into panels and insulation rolls. This use is booming. But it is also used in the car to stiffen the plastic instead of petroleum. It also makes paper, clothes and household linen.
As for the boon, it is mixed with lime mortar to make floor tiles, wall formwork, the formwork for the roof is poured from the outside and replacing the conventional insulation, or insulating coatings for walls.

Where can I buy hemp for the building? In some traditional materials distributors, distributors of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturers as Technichanvre.

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