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Interpretation of "Nanjing decoration regulations" news briefing

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Much decoration, the community and the general public concerned about the Nanjing decoration management legislation has been successfully concluded. "Nanjing decoration regulations" will be January 1, 2008 shall come into force from. At 9:00 on November 2, 2007, Nanjing decoration activities of administrative departments of Nanjing Construction Committee held a "Nanjing decoration regulations," read press briefing. City Management Office responsible for the decoration of people read the "Regulations" specific content, and to answer a reporter's question on the relevant issues. The following are the main contents of the press briefing:

First, the need for decoration on the legislative activities related to the thousands of families, the masses has been the focus of attention and difficulty. In recent years, with economic floor ventsfloor vents  development and improvement of housing conditions of residents, the problems caused by the decoration are also increasingly prominent. First, the number of housing units and the use of excessive pursuit of personal individuality, comfort, housing Chaigai phenomenon more and more, and the growing movement Chaigai a serious threat to public safety. Second, because the lack of laws and regulations, team and staff decorated the lack of effective credit management, decoration and team management more confusion, if there are problems, owners of legitimate rights and interests can not be guaranteed. Third, the owners lack the necessary self-protection. Some units do not sign a contract with the construction or renovation contract if, but only re-price, ignoring quality, causing potential safety hazard. Municipal People's Government in 2001 promulgated the "Regulations Nanjing decoration" (197 orders). Regulate the provision of Chutai decoration on the market and industry practices, particularly in strengthening management of the home improvement market behavior. monitoring, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the public to play an important role. With the decoration market, the regulations can not meet the city decoration, decorative market and people's actual needs, the urgent need to develop new local laws and regulations, to regulate the activities and decoration market behavior. in order to effectively protect the public safety and the legitimate rights and interests, to further promote the city decoration, orderly, sustainable and healthy development.
Second, based on my work and the law drafting committee in the "Regulations" (draft) project preparation and drafting process, to get the city people's congress, government support and guidance to help the Office of Legislative Affairs. For the success of the "Regulations" in the drafting of April 2006, I appointed hand drawn, set up a drafting team to develop a specific program of work. The drafting of legislation to "legislation", "Administrative Licensing Law", "Construction Law", "Construction Quality Control Regulations", "provincial construction market management conditions" and other laws and regulations, combined with the actual city, decoration industry market characteristics and the actual, the municipal government to absorb the relevant provisions of 197 Haoling explore management practices and supervision of the management measures summed up, experience and practice, with reference to brothers and management of urban decoration of legislative experience, held a legislative forum, solicit, repeatedly revised and completed "(Draft)," the manuscript.

Director Lin Nanjing decorative interpretation of regulations

Third, the "Regulations" has the characteristics of one to implement the scientific concept of development, based in the development of conflict resolution, focusing on building a harmonious Nanjing, efforts to improve people's livelihood, promote industrial development, promote government services; Second, the core quality and safety, environmental protection as the central, standardized behavior-based guide to protect the goal, convergence management focus to improve the quality of the premise, in order to ensure improved supervision; third tooling, decoration simultaneously, harmonization of legislation, were standardized, differentiated, sub-chapter set ; fourth is to strengthen market regulation, industry self-regulation and government regulation of convergence, to strengthen civil norms and administrative norms of convergence, to strengthen professional management and related management interface; Fifth, we build the concept of service-oriented government, change management, strengthen supervision and management institution building and change management for the ex post licensing monitoring, while the clear market industry codes of conduct, responsibilities and obligations of parties to the main market, as well as the responsibilities of relevant government departments, social supervision and administrative supervision to establish a comprehensive management system in parallel; six is ??standard industry , and maintain market order, to play a regulatory role in guiding the development of industry, to promote the industrial development of decoration.

Wei, deputy director of Nanjing decorated in answering reporters' questions rather

Fourth, the description of several 1, on the publicity and decoration of credit filing system. To strengthen the decorative market corporate credit, information disclosure system of management and facilitate the people and the management unit for decoration floor registersFlush Mount Floor Registers  effective supervision. The regulations provide for the establishment of specialized units and decoration publicity and credit qualified technical personnel qualifications for the record management system, establish a credit information system, according to timely disclosure of important credit information for the masses to build social and information service platform.
2, on the engineering quality, on-site supervision and management. First, the provision of decoration materials, design, construction, environmental protection, energy saving requirements. Second is to establish a quality guarantee system for construction decoration, personal home decoration, as well as their different facilities, location and different requirements, respectively, provides the statutory minimum warranty period. Third, decoration and safety safety management system makes provision for emergency plans. Fourth, strengthen social supervision, decoration unit at the construction trade show displays  site should be listed, notices Place names, project leader, contact information, start and completion dates of complaints; fifth is to strengthen the interface between property management, personal home decoration shall inform. in writing before the start of its prohibited conduct, construction management, waste disposal, personnel access and other matters and to strengthen the construction site inspections, identify problems and report on the agency.
3, on the supervision and management and public services. Decoration is an integrated activity involving a wide range of industry management alone is not enough, it is difficult to expand the results. Therefore, the industry should be both management and related management, supervision and management and public service should try to build a comprehensive monitoring and service mechanism. First, clear authorities and responsibilities of regulatory bodies at the same time, the responsibilities of the relevant administrative departments also made clear that, for example: business sector of the circulation of decorative materials management, environmental protection department and other types of noise pollution management, real estate department of the state-owned land, housing repair and improvement of safety management, quality supervision departments of the decoration material production and product quality management, engineering safety management activities for the decoration of security management, etc., the formation of clear responsibilities, division of labor, with the collaboration and centralized management of the regulatory system; second is a clear public service obligations, decoration department in conjunction with the business sector to develop the model contract text decoration, decoration quality, use of social institutions entrusted with monitoring the quality of the engineering supervision and inspection, and decoration disputes the admissibility of complaints, investigations inquests people detection and identification, coordination responsibilities were clearly controversial and other services provided.
In the "Regulations" before the implementation of the City Construction Committee and City management office decoration, will use the time to November-December this year, planned, step by step, according to the regulations Publicizing planning program, full cooperation with the media, take many forms, regulations to carry out extensive publicity to explain the regulations a series of activities related to decoration companies and the general public understand the familiar content of the Ordinance, to lay the foundation for the implementation of the Ordinance.

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