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Denmark ingenious bachelor night

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Chinese people pay attention to family and friends wedding day bridal chamber, the West did not seem to this tradition, they pay attention to downtown wedding, that is, before the wedding of friends to a party or ingenious prank, an indulgence of the carnival to bid farewell to single life.

Man I trouble the first time in Denmark is a weekend wedding night. I and several friends went to a museum located in the center of Copenhagen pork chops, as usual, where almost a full cheap bridesmaid dresses  house, I saw the next table a young man of six Danish drink is Huan, two of which have reached the standards of the store, their waiter a shoe has been taken away Miss, was placed in the beam into a rattan basket on a, the waiter brought a lady to the straw They all, which means they stay the stay, ask them to ease and then drink a few liters of beer. Boys are so much noise Huan, a Danish girl wearing a dress, wore a straw hat, straw hat tied with flowers, holding an empty box cookies, walked in front of them. A drunk young man flushed Danish krone coin pocket 20 toward the girl, a lost box of biscuits, pulled the girl into his lap to sit. Blushing girl, a young man openly about sitting in the lap. Then, very handsome young man kissing the girl's face. The next table, like several other boys as companions, to the girl coin.

I was puzzled by their behavior, just let the girl sit on his lap around the young man leans over the author, "Hello! He greeted me in Chinese, then in English said," My name is Hansen. You know she doing? She wanted to get married. Look, it was her friend, in celebration of her farewell to the single does.

"Why does she want you for money? I asked.

"Everybody laughing matter mile! Perhaps her friends posing as a beggar to her today, Hansen replied, raised his glass:" Come on, for the girl's happiness, Sige (Cheers)!

In Denmark, people downtown wedding methods varied, but all the way boys and girls is not the same trouble. In general, the bride's friend, "civilization of some downtown law, the groom's friends" downtown law than rough, some even a little outrageous.

Is a weekend, I brother of the town hall in the Square, downtown to see a group of young married men. When the groom would they let a young man on stilts. Painted boy face paint, wearing a Charlie Chaplin-like hats, keep Zhuo-style. beard, special occasion dresses  wore a black suit, his chest hung a sign on with Dan wrote: "I'm going to single life goodbye! visitors met, all gathered to watch. bridegroom an excited, ready to make a face, but almost fell off from the stilts.

Accompanied by a man named Maya Danish friend told the author: "Some guy downtown wedding, the groom also jump from a height, said that in order to reflect the brave man and I do not like the kind of trouble law, too dangerous the. Maya said, the Danish marriage trouble marriage the bride and groom are generally one or two weeks before the wedding downtown during the day, have trouble at night, mostly young people attended. downtown wedding meal in general by the groom's beer money friends of the bride cheap homecoming dresses  by the groom or the bride's best friend admitted, then downtown wedding time, place and content of the notice you that this is an unwritten rule.

"Why do you want to trouble the wedding?

Maya thought, said: "I think the main thing a friend would like the opportunity to get together, deepen feelings, enjoy life, perhaps this is a traditional bar. Trouble Devon wedding word is' polterarbend, from the German, intent is' nights.

"Are you married before, like your friends to the wedding do you trouble? I asked.

"Of course like you, Maya, said in Chinese." Noisy friends, perhaps in this life time, how good!

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