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WoW Gold: Baron Soosdon - UNLIMITED Escapism Vol 5

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In the 5th Edition of his music video series "Unlimited Escapism" brings us Machinima-Maestro wow gold Baron Soosdon again the creativity and beauty of the "wow gold" in more detail and presented a video delicacy that should especially delight those who are off to of raids and hunting prey also to enjoy the artistic aspect in wow gold know.

"Exploration" Movies e.g. this wow gold by "Dopefish" have a long tradition in the world of MMO's. Machinima makers as the popular "Baron" have perfected this form. of video then by composing the many individual scenes with virtuoso camera wow gold movements, cuts, video effects, etc., and selected music for a work of art.

So much fun with this current work of the wow gold artist's video, filmed of course, across all expansions up to and including wow gold Cataclysm and the Firelands in Patch 4.2!

By the way : If you have friends wow gold or acquaintances who know wow gold still not at all, then this is the perfect film to also to encourage them to play. 



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