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EBS R12 HR: Security Profile

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以HR: Security Profile为例,该profile是控制在HR系统之中,登录人所能够看到的organization、position、payroll等等信息。

使用System Administrator这个职责登陆系统之后,选择Profile->System,可以看到对于一个profile,可以在很多的级别为其设置一个对应的值。 这些取值的优先级高低,是从上到下依次增大,也就是说User级别的取值的优先级最大,该层的取值会覆盖其他所有层的取值。

但是对于一个profile来说,可能有这样的需求,需要限制针对某些级别无法访问,无法赋值,而这些在EBS系统之中可以通过如下实现,Application Developer -> Profile,在这里可以控制每个级别(site,server,responsibility等)的访问以及更新的权限。

需要注意的是,在修改了HR: Security Profile这个profile的值,需要通过HRMS Manager  ->Processes and Reports -> Submit Processes and Reports提交一个Concurrent Request,名字是Security List Maintenance,"Generate List for"参数的值是One Named Security Profile,"Security Profile"参数的值是刚刚被修改过的Profile的名字。


HR OptionPurpose
HR:Business GroupBusiness Group that is linked to the security profile for a responsibility. This option is used online to control access to records that are not related to organization, position, or payroll.
This option is seeded at Site level with the start-up Business Group. It is view only. Values are derived from the HR:Security Profile user profile option.
HR:Security ProfileRestricts access to the organizations, positions, and payrolls defined in the security profile. This option is seeded at Site level with the view-all security profile created for the Startup Business Group.
HR:User TypeLimits field access on windows shared between Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll. If you do not use Oracle Payroll, it must be set to HR User for all responsibilities.
If you do use Oracle Payroll, you can give each Responsibility one of the following user types, depending on the work role of the holders of the responsibility: HR User, HR with Payroll User,Payroll User
HR:Query Only ModeRestricts access to view-only for all HR and Payroll forms on a menu.
HR:Use Standard AttachmentsDisables the facility to attach short text comments to records. Enables the attachment of multiple items of various types including OLE objects, Web pages, images, and word processed documents.

DateTrack OptionPurpose
DateTrack:Date SecurityControls the way users can change their effective date: All (users can change to any date), Past (users can change to dates in the past only), Present (users cannot change their effective date), Future (users can change to dates in the future only)
DateTrack:ReminderDetermines whether the Decision window appears when a datetracked window opens: Always (the window always appears), Never (the window never appears), Not Today (the window appears only if the effective date is not the system date)

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