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(一直觉得图形是最好的解释。可能是因为我几何学得比较好吧。SAPHELP_BI Overviwe臭美一下。)

overview一下Business Intelligence吧。确实是要理论,实践,实践再理论哪。之前还一直以为BI就是Data Warehousing这一块呢。原来,还有另外三块。DW只是入门级哪。

Business Intelligence




Subareas of BI



Data warehousing in BI represents the integration, transformation, consolidation, cleanup, and storage of data. It also incorporates the extraction of data for analysis and interpretation. The data warehousing process includes data modeling, data extraction, and administration of the data warehouse management processes.

The central tool for data warehousing tasks in BI is the .

The business intelligence platform. serves as the technological infrastructure and offers various analytical technologies and functions. These include the Analytics Engine, the Metadata Repository, Business Planning and Simulation, and special analysis processes such as data mining.

Business Explorer (BEx) - the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Suite - provides flexible reporting and analysis tools for strategic analyses, operational reporting, and decision-making support within a business. These tools include query, reporting, and analysis functions. As an employee with access authorization, you can evaluate past or current data on various levels of detail, and from different perspectives, not only on the Web but also in MS Excel.

You can use BEx Information Broadcasting to distribute Business Intelligence content from SAP BW by e-mail either as precalculated documents with historical data, or as links with live data. You can also publish content to the Enterprise Portal.

Business Explorer allows a broad spectrum of users to access information in the SAP BW using the Enterprise Portal, the Intranet (Web application design) or mobile technologies.

● BI Java SDK

You use the BI Java SDK to create analytical applications. You use analytical applications to access both multidimensional (Online Analytical Processing or OLAP) data and tabular (relational) data. You can also edit and display this data. BI Java Connectors, a group of four JCA-enabled (J2EE Connector Architecture) resource adapters, implement the BI Java SDK APIs and allow you to connect applications that you have created with the SDK to various data sources.

● Open Analysis Interfaces

The Open Analysis Interfaces make various interfaces available for connecting front-end tools from third-party providers.

● Web Design API

The Web Design API allows you to implement highly individual scenarios and demanding applications with customer-defined interface elements.


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