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1RSA1Administrator Work Bench
2RSA11Calling up AWB with the IC tree
3RSA12Calling up AWB with the IS tree
4RSA13Calling up AWB with the LG tree
5RSA14Calling up AWB with the IO tree
6RSA15Calling up AWB with the ODS tree
7RSA2OLTP Metadata Repository
8RSA3Extractor Checker
9RSA5Install Business Content
10RSA6Maintain DataSources
11RSA7BW Delta Queue Monitor
12RSA8DataSource Repository
13RSA9Transfer Application Components
14RSD1Characteristic maintenance
15RSD2Maintenance of key figures
16RSD3Maintenance of units
17RSD4Maintenance of time characteristics
18RSDBCDB connect
19RSDCUBEStart: InfoCube editing
20RSDCUBEDStart: InfoCube editing
21RSDCUBEMStart: InfoCube editing
23RSDIOBCStart: InfoObject catalog editing
24RSDIOBCDStart: InfoObject catalog editing
25RSDIOBCMStart: InfoObject catalog editing
26RSDLDB Connect - Test Program
27RSDMDMaster Maintenance w.Prev. Sel.
28RSDMD_TESTMaster Data Test
29RSDMPROInitial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
30RSDMPRODInitial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
31RSDMPROMInitial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
32RSDMWBCustomer Behavior. Modeling
33RSDODSInitial Screen: ODS Object Processng
34RSIMPCURLoad Exchange Rates from File
35RSINPUTManual Data Entry
36RSIS1Create InfoSource
37RSIS2Change InfoSource
38RSIS3Display InfoSource
39RSISETMaintain InfoSets
40RSKCMaintaining the Permittd Extra Chars
42RSMOData Load Monitor Start
43RSMONBW Administrator Workbench
44RSORBW Metadata Repository
45RSORBCTBI Business Content Transfer
46RSORMDRBW Metadata Repository
47RSPCProcess Chain Maintenance
48RSPC1Process Chain Display
49RSPCMMonitor daily process chains
50RSRCACHEOLAP: Cache Monitor
51RSRTStart of the report monitor
52RSRT1Start of the Report Monitor
53RSRT2Start of the Report Monitor
54RSRTRACESet trace configuration
55RSRTRACETESTTrace tool configuration
56RSRVAnalysis and Repair of BW Objects
57SE03Transport Organizer Tools
58SE06Set Up Transport Organizer
59SE07CTS Status Display
60SE09Transport Organizer
61SE10Transport Organizer
62SE11ABAP Dictionary
63SE18Business Add-Ins: Definitions
64SE18_OLDBusiness Add-Ins: Definitions (Old)
65SE19Business Add-Ins: Implementations
66SE19_OLDBusiness Add-Ins: Implementations
67SE21Package Builder
68SE24Class Builder
69SE80Object Navigator
70RSCUSTAMaintain BW Settings
71RSCUSTA2ODS Settings
73RSSMAuthorizations for Reporting
74SM04User List
75SM12Display and Delete Locks
76SM21Online System Log Analysis
77SM37Overview of job selection
78SM50Work Process Overview
79SM51List of SAP Systems
80SM58Asynchronous RFC Error Log
81SM59RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
82LISTCUBEList viewer for InfoCubes
83LISTSCHEMAShow InfoCube schema
84WE02Display IDoc
85WE05IDoc Lists
86WE06Active IDoc monitoring
87WE07IDoc statistics
88WE08Status File Interface
89WE09Search for IDoc in Database
90WE10Search for IDoc in Archive
91WE11Delete IDocs
92WE12Test Modified Inbound File
93WE14Test Outbound Processing
94WE15Test Outbound Processing from MC
95WE16Test Inbound File
96WE17Test Status File
97WE18Generate Status File
98WE19Test tool
99WE20Partner Profiles
100WE21Port definition
101WE23Verification of IDoc processing
102DB02Tables and Indexes Monitor
103DB14Display DBA Operation Logs
104DB16Display DB Check Results
105DB20Update DB Statistics

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