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Chen Xiaowei

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March 22 news, along with President Chen Xiaowei May Ninetowns announced the departure of Dr. Xiaowei Chen, this year will be the gaming industry following the resignation before the big game after another wow gold  executive CEO Li Yu, which also makes the professional manager's embarrassment in online games position beginning to show.

Some experienced people believe that online gaming products, the company is the real core competitiveness, Qiu Xin, general manager of Chengdu and even boasted a dream, good products than to find an online game of 100 professional managers can do.

Golden is no longer online games industry three

Worked with Yu-Chen Xiaowei, Liu Wei, president of the giant network known as the gaming industry along with three Golden Flower, often attended various industry events, most recently 3 appearances together, is attended 2009 China Game Industry Annual Conference, Seventh ChinaJoy exhibitions, and their views on the future development of their respective companies.

In 2009 China Game Industry Annual Conference, Dr. Xiaowei Chen, Ninetowns has also talked about independent R & D, Yu-launched a grand game "22" plan, Liu Wei is talking about a giant internal reform. and "win in the Giants" program.

However, in 2009 China Game Industry Annual Conference in less than a week, Yu-Shanda CEO resigned and the director, select the business. Yu-said, she founded the new company will be committed to the dissemination happy, massage the mind with no competition. Currently, in the new company, Mr. Li Yudi as the new chairman, Yu-appointed as CEO.

Recently, Ninetowns announced plans for personal development reasons, President Chen Xiaowei office on May 16 after the expiration, no longer renewed. NINETOWNS Mr. Zhu Jun, chairman buy wow gold  and CEO will take over the day under the jurisdiction of affairs. According to sources, Dr. Xiaowei Chen has received venture capital, will also start their own businesses.

With the departure in May Chen Xiaowei, online games 3 big beautiful women executives Liu will be the only, which means the gaming industry is no longer three Golden Flower.

Online product is more important than the professional managers

Xiaowei Chen, president of CDC Games was in May 2008 as president of Ninetowns, and gave Ninetowns lot to contribute. NINETOWNS two years in, she experienced a "World of Warcraft" right to operate the continent changed hands, Ninetowns drop from the online games the whole process of the first camp.

However, analysts pointed out that in NINETOWNS lost "World of Warcraft," the right to operate after the mainland, Chen Xiaowei embarrassing is that she does not like the founder of the team as a control, we can not quickly developed a large network company tour, or find another alternative products quickly, "World of Warcraft" has played in the role of NINETOWNS revenue.

By Qiu Xin as saying that online games now are a product-driven company, online games are relatively strong project leaders, professional managers are in a weak position. Loss of "World of Warcraft," the right to operate the mainland's future is certainly NINETOWNS to turn R & D, which also makes the role of Dr. Xiaowei Chen, declined.

Qiu Xin said Dr. Xiaowei Chen, Yu-separation phenomenon indicates that the online games industry more professional, professional manager's position in the gaming industry in decline. He even boasted: "For online games company, good products than to find 100 online professional managers can do."

Shang-Jin unicorn game is relatively tactful CEO, said Dr. Xiaowei Chen, Yu-left shows the professional managers of the entire industry is full of opportunities. However, he also stressed that the product will always be the core competitiveness of the company's online games. Online companies to remain competitive, we must increase investment in the product.

Or for the protection of the purpose of peer and friend, Liu Wei of Xiaowei Chen's resignation does not make any statement and said that without the knowledge of the future direction of Chen Xiaowei. Li Yu Xiaowei Chen's resignation is that of understanding, said that her next career will certainly be a success.  

Why not keep talking about online games company when the professional managers, Li Yu said that was not entirely fade out and said that they have online games industry at present, are more concerned about their own business projects.

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