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"Perfect prequel"

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"Perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" is a carefully crafted for the world simultaneous global players, never delete files permanently free of charge creation of large 3D fantasy online games, is following the "Perfect World" (Time Version) and "Perfect World International Edition ", the launch of Perfect World" Perfect World "series, the third new version!

Since Oct. 9 Perfect giant officially announced its peak system "perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" message, players will be exposed as part of the contents and feel of their extraordinary influence. Accompanied by the beating of the note theme song and enjoy the "mermaid photo" in the beautiful mermaid posture, as if we are in the real world of swing and game, more of the "perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" in the upcoming, full of anticipation!

Colorful exotic mushroom forest map

The enjoyment of the visual map vegetation and white


In the "perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" video in the background, players witnessed the huge tidal changes in his family experienced, when they issued a sincere cry for help, our sensibilities are deeply moved by the players is ... ... told us the same curiosity, Xi family is trained in how a foothold in the marine environment to survive? "Perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" in the true 3D fantasy world, how to offer players an unparalleled visual feast? Now, let us once again accompanied by the theme song melody, deep into the new scene, enjoy a taste of high-quality audio-visual experience to bring the ultimate enjoyment of it!

Overlooking the New World show a perfect fantasy world

Crystal clear blisters filling the fantasy world map

Marine plankton filling wow gold  spectacle map


With the advance of the lens, we see the full picture of the main city of tidal race. Waterfall poured straight down, colorful plants, the water ripples off the layers, form. different columns, crystal clear water droplets ... ... all gently across our line of sight, as we are moving also show a static and vitality of the fantasy buy wow gold  world! The sun, the sky, we overlook the whole continent, as if xi tribe tribe people see the hope of destroying Wraith army! In the soft music, we are fully aware of the "perfect prequel - Mermaid Legend" audio-visual charm!

Lifelike figure of static plant

Poured straight down the waterfall

"Perfect World prequel" will lead the launch of a new continent into a perfect new era. Either from the visual, auditory, or play on, all players will bring a revolutionary gaming experience, there are more novel and fun wait for us to explore, discover!


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