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In winter, look to the landscape are all white, though cold, very many people like. "Audition" V5.1 "Winter Pink" project with you spend a romantic winter exposure.

New version coming soon, welcome to book in advance, and the wonderful unlimited V5.1 "winter pink" area will also be the first to come on December 5, ahead of us enjoy the game fun. In addition, in order to allow players to deeper understanding of the "Audition" V5.1 "pink winter", as we reported the latest information. New topic will also be played Dec. 5 advantage of the opportunity, the latest highest charting song, the soul-DJ sets the stage, challenges to upgrade the rotation mode, the new POSS cards, pirate props ... ... rich new family content, unlimited wonderful!

Special Address:


Highest charting a new song full Erfu

Online music as the soul of dance class, always plays a very important role. And "Audition" will update every time the introduction of the Best Chinese and world-class songs, so each player a ears. The new version of another wave of highest charting song to enter, Liu Fei, "unparalleled", Park Jeong-Ya "Summerbreeze", Exile "ibelieve", Shin Hye Sung & Lee Min wow gold  "OceanBlue". The affection they will accompany us through the joy of singing every day.


Star Service & pirate props family

The "Winter Pink" heavy launch a membership system. Members based on the players in the consumer based on the mall Dance With the increase in spending will be rising star. Different levels of membership can enjoy preferential services.

Blue skies, golden beaches, there is that the Black Pearl, a "Pirates of the Caribbean" to Hero who ignited the dream of adventure and the sailing. The "Audition" has launched a pirate family props, and instantly put us into the eighteenth century Pirates of the Caribbean world. At the same time, this exotic, beautiful buy wow gold  women shape particularly suitable for the networking guy Oh!

Free 11 rotating random pattern built &

For a long time, "Audition" free patterns are welcomed, most people aspire to, one of the most important mode. The free upgrade to the 11 key model, you will need to do is to suppress the release of his body, the release of freedom. Sign Come on!

Popular since its birth to the "spin model" will enhance the challenge of this difficult, is not new in the clockwise direction of rotation as the law of random rotation of players will like the challenge of a new experience, new Dance Times will also produce, you dare to challenge it?

DJ sets props & POSE Card

Do you want to be a shining DJ, the highest point on the stage, pointing to others country. Now, "Audition" V5.1 pink winter to help you! Best of three rock-style. DJ sets, in addition to give the stage to add dynamic effects, but also by the unique features DJ sets an additional experience for every game the value of Oh. If music is the soul of the stage, and that DJ is the core of the stage. Up to the mall to buy a bar.


"Audition" in the "POSE" card to let people bid farewell to the era of boring, full of personality expression and movement dotted the stage, so the stage is more vivid. Now "POSE" add new card types in turn, more unexpected facial expressions, movements invasion of you my life. Exactly like the Tai Chi martial art moves, difficult to maneuver with one hand hold ... ... you will become the most shining face of the audience people?


HELLOKITTY & Winter & Bugs Bunny and friends have been

"Audition" V5.1 "winter pink" is a cute little number will bring partners and winter have been dolls, HELLOKITTY, Mashimaro friends groups, each of them have a history of their own, some naughty, some cute, Some make sense. With their joining the "Audition" and what will happen exciting story? Stay tuned!

"Audition" V5.1 "Winter Pink" feature in addition to the latest information also included a series of activities for the game to add a different kind of fun. For more exciting content, please Sign In "Audition" V5.1 "Winter Pink" theme page.

Audition V5.1 "pink winter" warm hit! Mashimaro Big Houhou bring friends, Baby Bear, Papa Bear mischief together! More super cute Hellokitty, spend the winter with your sweet baby has been years! The stage of super-soul movement - brilliant DJ sets tailored for you! The new "POSE" cool action cards to send to help you become an infinite number of ... ... wonderful, just waiting for you to discover! "Winter Pink" will cast your winter passion.

Audition V5.1 "Winter Pink" super idol debut!

"Audition" V5.1 Special Address:

Audition Interactive Zone:
Mall promotions surrounding area:
Audition Official Website:
Audition Official BBS:

February 18, 2007, "Audition" When the number reached 78 million online accounts!

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