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Bug 7362589 indicates

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Common Issues

Bug 7362589 indicates with 11g performance can be very slow when exporting a small proportion of objects relative to the number in the database. 

Bug 8845859 indicates issues with 11g performance on partition exports. See Note 1050907.1

Note 812864.1 discusses problems prior to with REMAP_SCHEMA

Data Pump is slower when using TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=TRUNCATE on 10g with Index Organized Table (IOT) objects exist. This is expected behavior. See Note 780784.1 for more details.

Prior to, Data Pump export loses global indexes for local domain indexes. Bug 5152232 is documented in Note 781759.1.

There is some confusion about parallel operations with indexes and Data Pump. Note 402511.1 documents how this works more completely.

Exporting Flashback archive tables will throw ORA-1426 errors. See Note 742739.1.

Additional Resources

Community: Database Utilities

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