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Configuring Telnet / FTP to login as root (Solaris)

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Now before getting into the details of how to configure Solaris for root logins, keep in mind that this is VERY BAD security. Make sure that you NEVER configure your production servers for this type of login.

Configure Telnet for root logins

Simply edit the file /etc/default/login
and comment out the following line as follows:
# If CONSOLE is set, root can only login on that device.
# Comment this line out to allow remote login by root.
# CONSOLE=/dev/console

Configure FTP for root logins

First remove the 'root' line from /etc/ftpusers.

Also, don't forget to edit the file /etc/ftpaccess and comment out the 'deny-uid' and 'deny-gid' lines. If the file doesn't exist, there is no need to create it.

NOTE: If you are using Solaris 9 or Solaris 10, the ftp* files are located in /etc/ftpd



  安装目录:  /etc/ftpd

  svcadm  enable netwrok/ftp   启动ftp服务

  svcadm  disable network/ftp  关闭ftp服务

  svcadm  restart network/ftp 重启ftp服务

  svcs -l network/ftp   查看ftp服务的状态



  permitrootlogin no 改为 yes

  svcadm  enable netwrok/ssh   启动ssh服务

  svcadm  disable network/ssh  关闭ssh服务

  svcadm  restart network/ssh 重启ssh服务

  svcs -l network/ssh   查看ssh服务的状态

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