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Oracle Applications Tablespace Model - OATM(表空间,表領域)

APPS_TS_INTERFACE - All the interface tables are kept in this tablespace for example the GL_INTERFACE table.
APPS_TS_SUMMARY - All objects that record summary information are grouped under this tablespace.
APPS_TS_NOLOGGING - This tablespace contains the materialized views that are not used for summary purposes and other temporary object that do not require redo log entries.
APPS_TS_QUEUES - With the support for advanced queuing in Oracle Applications, the advanced queue tables and related objects form. a part of this tablespace.
APPS_TS_MEDIA - This tablespace holds multimedia objects like graphics sound recordings and spital data.
APPS_TS_ARCHIVE - Tables that are obsolete in the current release of Oracle Applications 11i are stored here. These tables are  preserved to maintain backward compatibility of custom programs or migration scripts.
UNDO - The undo tablespace is used as automatic undo management is enabled by default in 11.5.10.This acts as a replacement to red log files.
TEMP - The Temp tablespace is the default temporary tablespace for Oracle Applications.
SYSTEM - This is the SYSTEM tablespace used by the Oracle Database

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