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FI Document can not be held.

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when i try to create a hold document using FB50. it report error 'Held documents must be converted; read long text' . when i open the long text. it shows me as following,

Message no. F5410
The structure of the document data has changed in the meantime. Before new documents can be held or held documents can be processed, the documents held up to now must be converted.
The conversion of the held documents is carried out by report RFTMPBLU. For larger data volumes (more than a couple of hundred held documents), the report should be planned as a batch job.
The conversion of held documents is generally supported for documents which were entered in release 1.3A or later.
A conversion of older held documents is not possible. You must delete these documents with the report RFTMPBLD. Afterwards, you must start the report RFTMPBLU to activate the version management for held documents.
If only small datasets are to be converted or deleted, you can carry out the action in another window and after completing the action, continue the current processing.
The solution is that:
Prior to hold the documents, the program with the name RFTMPBLU should be executed.
Go to SE38 give the above program name and execute.
Then you can hold the documents. This need to be done only once.

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