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Back up me!?

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Felt so lost in recent days on lots of aspects, I was so excited for many things during the past month, it's good time to calm down now. Unfortenately, I'm now on the extreamly passive side, so I feel that lost.

Is there really a somebody, except my family and my best friends from from long time ago, who can backup me in any case of my life? I need somebody really understand me even I know lots of funny thoughts are pretty much wrong, I need her to understand me, and correct me tenderly, I need her to be with me and backup me when i feel sad like what I'm experiencing, -- I feel that I'm so weak when I'm feelling bad, sad, and confused. Seems lots of things in my mind have to be reajusted to prevent another same thing to be happen again in future, am I on the right way? doubting...

Hoping I would back to see this page again somebody later, when I feel good, to see how bad I'm now, pretty sure everything and myself will go fine a time later, but when?....


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