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Can this water be drunk directly?

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The answer is yes, when I aske a person in the company who is making a cup of coffee for him self. Not only this, all the cool water from public water pipes can be used for drink directly, amazing, is it possible in our country, as it is said, it should be fit for drink, but actually nobody believe it, or seldomly people drink it directly, lots of people never drink water from water pipes, but only used for showering, making food, wash cloth...

Here, in canada, everything is in a big size, seats on airplane, seat in company, bedrooms, buses, size of biulding, not the height, it's seledom to see any building more than 20 floors.

People here are also modest, warm-hearted and honest. People always speaks thanks, sorry, maybe there most frequently used words. Even when the bus is out of service, and driving on the way to the place for repaire, the display on the front of it shows, "sorry....".

First thing, I have to learn here, is not to speak yes, no, what... the language itself, but the good manners on them.

30th Jan, 2007


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