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what's life?

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suer, you can anwser or reject to answer this question when you are not drunk, but clearly think without any limitation about this question always causes lots of troubles, i have to commit that, i'm troubled with this question too much, since i don't care too much things, or i care too much about something.

actully, banliwalid, a small city, is where i became to understand more things about myself, about others, and about the religions, i felt too much lonely and disappointment there, also, i saw too much hopes there too. it's not a normal page for me.

masud, bakush, shaosh, none may be can understand me totaly, but, it's true, deeply in my heart, i'd like to thanks them, their names always come to my heart, things, days, i experienced, i can't forget.

sometimes, i think, am i crazy? how could something infulence you so much, why do not try to forget these, just forget it, just say byebye to it, i really want to do so, the more i want to do so, the more i can't do so.

sometimes, i said, demon baniwalid, you are so poor, you are so arguly, you're the worst place i ever been, i hate you as i hate shit.

but, nothing can stop me from thinking about it, from time to time, i wonder weather i have to make a phone call to mr. masud, i know his number, 00218322-222222, if i tried, and connecte, what could i say, i know, mr. masud is not all my feeling about baniwalid, and even i called him, what will happen to me, and it still can't stop me from thinking things happend there.

so i decide, someday, if i die, i will request my son to bury me there, the highsest place in baniwalid, i am sure i will be free, and i will be happy to be there!


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