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Webpicture V3.01

原创 IT综合 作者:eggcom 时间:2006-03-24 12:07:35 0 删除 编辑

WebPicture V3.01 plus freebsd searcher.

After a very long time and frequent modifying on the previous version based on c#, v3.01 is now finished. In this version, script pharsing is possible by using microsoft IE activex object. And it's supported to import urls from MSIE. And to improve performance, the connection limitation in windowsxp could be modified automaticly.

Alos, a multi process websearch is developed under freebsd, it's like the old cmd line version in windows.

so, here we go~

24th March, 2006

Webpicture3.01 Sample


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