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Apollo 13 OST

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Great musics always are created with something that is also great. Decades ago, US launched a great spaceship system to land on the moon, a bad lucky number was selected, they got a failure success.

While it is very difficult for the person, who was not directly involved, to feel this failure success, a movie was made to show this story.

To explore something that is unfamiliar or unknow, a man needs strength; To conqure the difficulties in an extreme new place - Space, a man needs strenght and wisdom; To win with a bad luck, a man may need luck.

If I got such a chance to get into the space, I would not take any a bit of consideration of thoses three items, I will be lying in the space shuttle waiting for injected in the mysterious space. I bilieve, at them moment, when the shuttle started shaking, I would be shaking and trembling with it, all my whole body, shaking with it, trembling with it.

There would no music at the moment, for it is in the movie; For the time now, there is not space ship in my sight, there is music helping me to feel such a solemn and stirring moment.

For several years ago, I started finding the OST music of Apollo 13, last years, it was published as a commemorating for the movie.

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