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Looses or gains, fails or wins?

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I played with my friend, Akui, on the grassland in park, i used out my cigarets, and started using his to continue, when we left I lost my zippo lighter, one of two whichi i bought last winter with as good price and shop suggest from a colleague in Libya, Saturday.

The first one which is in black was lost even before in January, in hotel, I asked waitress trying to help me to find it, they did not find it, and I left my telephone number, and I did not get any a call about it, so it was proved it was stolen somehow from unkown somebody.

I found my lighter was lost at night, since there was no cigarets for me after I used out his all. I guessed and was right that he took my lighter after I left it on the grassland. And, he refused this in the begining. At the dinner time in restaurant, we analyzed the benifit and harm of the cigarets for me, and after the last cigarets I decided to stop smoking again, this is the second time, I hope I could win.

We went a big shop seeking for some pills which might help me from leaving from cigarets, but it seemed there was nothing can help me, so I have to stop it immediately, I don't want to replay the process what I did last winter in Libya again. This time I have to help my self more in an extreme way, the fail of last time shows an tender way could not help me on this kind of things.

To stop it, I stopped it, may I be successful this time, and it helps me whole life.

Byebye to the cigarets staying with me for 1 year and 4 months.

As i guessed, the lighter was Akui, and he gave it back to me, says as a gift for my careless fault, and I gave back to him, saying, it's the gift for since taking care of me.

And, a zippo lighter, 3 bottles ligther fluid, a box of flint, were the gift, :)

To get it, I have to lost something equally, to be balanced, to be natural, to be graceful.





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