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A dream in Chendu

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It was yesterday on the way back to home, the airplane went to Xichang, but could not touch down due to the strong wind over the allowed strength, so the flight turned back to Chengdu, all passengers stayed in a hotel provided freely. I got drunk again, and later I dreamed a dream which seems so near or alike to my life.

There were about me and a girl, living in a circumstance like what I have experienced, desert. Life condition seemed to be very hard to us, we worked and lived together, and for no reason, we were staying together from time to time, I dreamed so. She was beautiful and dutiful, to me and others around. Everything seemed to be calm and easy to deal with. There must be some romantic sections like movies while lost when I got awake. I felt happiness with her, so did her, as I assumed in the dream.

In the dream, later, some day, we went to fruit garden, we took some fruits from trees happily, and went back home, she made some juice from it, and then a friend dropped round us. She took out the juice, we tested it, but for me, it was so bad. I was so angry, I even did not know why, but just angry, so I went out the house without speaking.

Later, somebody from hospital called me to go back home and find her. It was said, she should have gone to the hospital to take some routine exams. I was shocked for this message, and asked further for the reason, and then was notified that she was a carrier of a certain unknown virus which could spread in public.

I did not go back home directly, but the hospital firstly. I visited the doctor, and he gave me something shows about the virus, some samples of the virus, encapsulated in plastic, and then packed on a tough paper. I noticed that there were some dried blood drops on the paper and asked the reason for it. The doctor said that the drops were from the person whom the virus were collected from. Immediately, I convinced that she would die as this carrier, and felt guilty for my leaving in silent.

I drove back home quickly, I found the door was opening, and I shouted out trying to find her. Guilty increasing in my heart, I wanted to find her at once, but still I could not. I sat in the house, waiting for her to come back. Suddenly, there was a strong wind, and blew the door open, and cold came to me, guilty in my heart turned to sadness.

While, she did not came back till I woke up, and this is the end of the dream.

29th Jan., 2005


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