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A girl in Pink.

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I saw so beautiful a girl on the way back home, she was in pink, a short skirt and a long sleeves shirt, long hair, big eyes, smile on her face, seemed saying something to me. I was drunk, not very serious a drunk. Walking slowly was I, so, I noticed that, later, she walked into a shop for sex. I was shocked or moved at that moment.

Two things came to me, first, she must be a person who provides some illegal service to men, and the second, it would cost me 200~400 hundred Yuan to get the illegal services from such beautiful a girl without any risk actually. I could not decide at the moment, I started thinking.

I forgot my smoke, and then I walked on, and got it from a shop. I stood aside a road, lighted a cigar, and continued thinking about it. So cute a girl, should I select my selfish or my conscience, still I could not decide.

She needs money maybe, and I need sex, she wants that, and I do not reject that, and I could pay her the money she wants, that seems to be a fair exchange.

She will be hurt a little more, if I selected to go back in some years later, but if I do not select go back, she might be hurt in soon for her incoming, --- if every man selects as me………

I was confused, maybe because of drink, but finally, I came back home without going back, slowly with thinking.

She was in pink, a short skirt and long sleeves shirt, big eyes, long hair,  cute and pure smile on her face, she said something to me, but still I can’t understand the words, nor the world. where both of us live in.

It happed really about a hour ago.

0:55, 28th., Jan. 2005


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