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Sad a day.

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For several days, I could not access internet, and today, I got it with a bad news, my application to go back to huawei was rejected.

Really, it is a bad news for me, I have passed the first interview in Tripoli 2 weeks ago. The person who met with me was satisifed, he said, only the procedure in HR department was going to be finished. So, I supposed I could get back to huawe, a good company and good selection for me, however, I could not.

Even now, I am still considering the problem comes from the HR department who recorded my performance in Huawei ever, and because of my relationship with my leader before was not as good as normal level, so I think he give me a bad comment when I left huawei.

I was young, and knew few things to keep a good relatioinship between myself and that strange leader, this point caused a big problem between us, and it was this main reason why I left from huawei. But, at least they need me again, why not employee me again? Even I made a kind of fault last time, will I make another same fault again in the same company?

I always think huawei is a perfect company on lots of aspects after I left from it. And really I am borning with too many things happen with me in this company, zte, or I do not like anything happen in this company.

But what can I do next? I'll be back to shenzhen in the end of this month, maybe I will get some opportunity to meet him, to get his understanding on what I did with him, so maybe he will change his mind, and maybe I'll try to persuade him giving me some help to go back huawei again.

If I could not go back, then I must go to another country for another project, I am thinking maybe Brazil and Argentina would be the best selection for me, still there are some difficult thing needs to be resolved for me.

17th, Nov.


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