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A Plan of Stopping Smoking.

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From the March this year, I started smoking, it's terrible, I kept no smoking for two decades, that's a good habit of me, I don't want to loose it, but the life and work for me in the April and May was so hard, I had to use cigarette to release my pian. Now, everything has changed, I got a chance to stop smoking.

While, rencently, I used to smoke too much, at least 2 packs everyday. And, the problems is, sometimes I smoke even I'm not awaring I need a cigarette, i.e., I somke automatically without a decide, and my whole body knows how to find a cigarette and start a smoke, without any thinking nor deciding, just find it and a lighter, then start.

The plan is targetted to stop smoking totally in 5 weeks step by step. In the first week, I plan that I am just allowed to smoke only 5 to or after each even hours, and if I forget smoking at this hour, I should not smoke this  cigarette for this even hour in any time later. And then the second week, smoke a time each 3 hours, the same condition as the first week, ....... this timetable listed down shows the whole procedure.

10.13~10.19, even hours:6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,0,2, 4.

10.20~10.25, triple hours:6,9,12,15,18,21,0,3.

10.26~11.2, fourfold hours,4,8,12,16,20,0

11.3~11.9, middle of the daytime and nighttime:12,0

11.10, throw out all cigarettes and lighters, stop smoking totally.

May I strictly abide this plan and stop somking in Novement!


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