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A Report in Work.

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The Report of the Baniwalid AN Project Status and Suggestions for Next Several Weeks

Status of Project Execution
1. Main Site Installation
The mains site installation on ZTE part was started in the March and finished in the beginning of the April, including 2 PSM 8K ZXJ10 exchange, 3 ZXA10-OLTB, 5 sets of SDH transmission devices, 1 set of ZXDU300 rectifier and its battery, and 2 sets of ONUB.

2. Computers and Network Installation
The computers with its UPS and computer network installation was started in the ending of the May, and finished in the beginning of the June.

3. ONUB Installation
The first ONUB was installed in the beginning of the April, and then delayed by making of the cement platforms and protections for ONUB, up to now, 28 ONUBs are installed on sites on which the conditions of installation were attained. According the facts of destroying of the locks and a door on ONUB sites, some ONUB batteries automatically destroyed in the last two year long storing, and a request from GPTC, hereunder listed items should be done in soon:

  a) ONUB Doors Replacement. The doors have been manufactured in China and its shipment has been started.

  b) Sites Subscriber Capacity Adjusting. A plan has been made; it will be done in recent weeks.

  c) Destroyed ONUB Battery Replacement. As the statistics shows, 20 percentage batteries were destroyed, and new qualified batteries are to be ordered from the original factory, sent and installed on sites or replaced with the spare one. Benefiting on the spare part of battery shipped with devices, all the ONUBs on sites have been installed with qualified batteries at present.

4. System Powering on
The first portion powered on is ZXDU300, ZXJ10 and ZXA10-OLTB, and 2 ONUB in main site, which was succeeded before May. Until now, 18 ONUB including the two in main site have been powered on, other 10 on site ONUBs were not powered on since of the absence of electricity sources.

5. Software Installation and Configuration
Software installation and configuration were started in the beginning of June, and almost finished before July came.

6. System Commissioning
System commissioning was started in June discontinuously. The V5.2 commissioning between ZXJ10 and ZXA10 was finished successfully in the June. The R2 signaling commissioning among local the Siemens exchange, the ZTE ZXJ10 and the exchange locates in Khooms were finished successfully in the July. The CCS7-ISUP signaling commissioning between exchange in Khooms and ZTE ZXJ10 was started last week, and succeeded in National calls and calls to the Libyan new mobile system; ZTE is still paying effort in getting same success in International calls and calls to the Libyan old Mobile system.
Basing on totally finishing of jointing ONUB sites fiber ports on 7 ONUB sites and supplying of electricity on 18 ONUB sites, 7 ONUB sites commissioning is finished the week before last.

Related Items Could not Expected to be Finished in Soon
1. Cement Platforms of site 22, 23, Tilinai and its related works on it.
2. Commissioning on site 26 and 27, because of absent of fiber laying out.
3. Commissioning on site 25, because of it should be working on same fiber cores as that of unfinishable site 22.

Suggestions for Next Several Weeks
Main tasks to be performed in next a few weeks:
1. Finalizing ZXJ10 software commissioning.
  a) International Calls.
  b) Calls to Old Mobile System
  c) Arabic Announcement
  d) Billing System

2. Powering on More ONUB Sites.
Ten sites are expected to be powered on.

3. ONUB Sites Number Adjusting.
It is expected to be finished in next week.

4. Commissioning on More ONUB Sites.
18 Sites are expected to be finished before next weekend if fiber jointing can be finished before this weekend.

5. Cooperating with GPTC about Provisional Acceptance Test and Cutover Preparing. If GPTC starts provisional acceptance test in next few weeks, then 25 ONUB with the entire device in main site are suggested to be tested, it is possible if the cooperating from local electricity company and finishing of fiber jointing.

Prepared by Mr. Wang Qiongbao
Dated 3rd Oct., 2004


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