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The Project is Nearly to be Finished.

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From yeasterday, we started to talk about the provisional acceptance test and cutting over, actually the national calls have just been finished the day before yeasterday, but I am sure most of main functions should be available in soon. It was so quick to attain the first national call through CSS7 signalling, it costed me less than half hour, it should be quicker, while I made a mistake in converting signalling point codes from decimalist to binary code, which was caused by a hurry.

I canceled to go back to Tripoli on Friday, I still have enough money to spend on work this week. So this week I will try my best to push the local electricity company to finish providing electricity for most of sites, so that it should be possible for me to power them on. And in the same time, the fiber jointing persons from tripoli should start again in the begining of next week, if they could finish all the sites in as what they said 3 days, the electricity would become a key point in soon, and I wish they could keep their words. If everything goes well next week, I will be able to encourage the operator to start cutover some telephones to the brand new system in the week after. So it is really possible for me to go back to China before the November comes.

While actually with the temperature goes down and auturmn comes here, I like here much more that before now, I felt some feeling that I got in the winter of Syria, I'd like to open my window to let the fresh air comes into my room all day along daring not about the dust, which was impossilbe in last summer. I got to know lots of people here, and even I am learning and using theirs language. When the moment for me to leave here comes, I think I will be hesitate for a instance, I spend a half year now, tha is about 4 percentages of my whole life till now.

I think I did a wonderful project in a relaxed environment, I experienced some painful days, while it realy trained my patience, it will not do harm on me but help me to do things better in hard conditions, not everything always goes well, so to deal with it is more important than others you can do. And, I found the problem on the project execution in the company is that the relationship between the project owner and the company is not strictly defined always, there is no charter or something like that, and actually becuase of these undefined factos, it really brings out lots of problem, and make things very difficult to deal with or to identify the problem points.

Anyhow, the project is nearly to be finished now, I spen about 7 month on it, and finially I could see it could be finished successfully, that's enough and just better than nothing, I shall not stay in Libya representative office, I do not like the persons here in the company, and I do not prefer to stay out of China for long terms, even to do so I could earn more money, I am sure that I am clear that earning money is not just the only target of me, my target over this job is to travle more countries in almost free style, where may provide me shuch a change is where I should go, even I should pay some cost on this uncommon selection.


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