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A drunk night.

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Last Thursday night, I and several friends here in Baniwalid went to a farm, there was a something called PARTY, a free party that everyone could drink as they like there, and it was the second time I went there, I was in a relaxed mood, so I drank quickly some strong alcohol with beverage mixed. And the weather was a little cold.

Somebody sang some improvisational poems, I was impressed with the Arab friends and their performance, specially the rhythm of some music flooded with words that I could cath. Finally, I got so drunk, I walked to the bed and started sleep, when I woke up later, I felt so unconfortable with my body, headache, stomachache, I was so weak at that moment, I regreted a little for over drinking on the bed. And in the next morning when I got up, I was still in pain of my head, and it continued to the friday afternoon.

Becuase of the uncomfortable feeling in my whole body, I stopped somke from Friday morning, and I smoked a cigarette in Saturday morning, I felt faint, which made me realize that I was smoking a  kind of very strong cigarette, while I can not find any effect of it in normal days, so I concluded that I always try to kill myself using smokes.

So, shall I stop smoking? Anyhow, even I decide and try to stop smoking, I think I can not do the same thing on drinking, but I'd be more careful on drinking next time in any case.

27th September, 2004


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