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I was unseen on the road.

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One of my friends and I visited Cert city last weekend( Friday ), Cert city locates on the coast, about 100Kms south of Misurata. When we came back, I stopped at a gasline station, and added some fuel for the car. We didn't ask the type of fuel, certainly there was no any mark on the pump, after I paid money, I drove about 200 meters and the car started shaking and jetting out blue smoke from vent-pipe, and then stopped.

The car stopped on asid of a busy highway. We awared that it was caused by the mis-adding fuel, so we had to take the car back to the station and try to find somebody to take the fuel out and change new one. My friend, who speaks arabic, went back to the station, I stayed with the car, checking the manual for some instructions. I waited him for about 20 minutes, but he did not come back. So, I decided to go back the station to help him.

I was wearing in slippers for long distance driving, thus, it was difficult for me to walk about 200 meters back to the station. So, I started waving to the cars passing by, 1 car passed, 2 cars passed, another, another, I waved to 15 cars or even more, but nobody wanted to stop to help me. I was so sad, just 200 meters, nobody want to help me, even I was a stranger and a foreigner.

So, what could I select? I walked back to the station fainfully, we found somebody who was willing help us. We finally took back the car to the station and pulled out the fuel inside the tank, an old man helped me to get some gasline from another station. It costed us about 2.5 hours to deal with it. I was in a lonely atmosphere for the rest way, I was thinking why the cars passed by did not help me. If the walking distance for me was not 200 meters but 20 kms, what would happen to me?

Yes, I was adviced not taking any person aside road if they wave to me. Somebody said, maybe you pick up some robbers with you, or if there is an accident, who would pay money for the wounded passengers you pick up? Sometimes, when I see somebody waving to me on the roadside, I just tell me a reason that I am hurrying, and never stop to help them.

When the persons at the station repaired our car free, I felt even uncomfortable. They had their jobs, but some of them stopped their work and tried to help us, even tried to suck out the fuel from the tank by mouth after a failing of trying to remove screws at the bottom of the tank.

Always, I think I should do something to return to the society, and always, I think it is not now, I am not ready, I am still young, I will do my part in future. Afther this lesson, I am thinking that all were some good reason for me from quiting my basic responsibility to others living around me. If I want to do something for others around, known or unkown, familiar or unfamiliar, whenever, whatever, I really could do something. And, if everybody keeps be offish, we will fell offish in the mean time.

19th Sep., 2004


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