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About Me.

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My name is Wang, Qiongbao, I was borned in the last year of 1970s, I am from a small countryside village in the south west.

I am working in Shenzhen City as an engineer of telecommunication, my hobbies are music, specially on OST, swimming, running, drunk drinking without any reason, travel, photo shootting, fantastic movies, astronomy.

While, I prefer to do things better and I like quiet and lonely times, I do not like talking in public nor shooting at myself. I respect the persons who devote themselves to a certain something, I concern lots of things around us, though I can image, get to know or think just a little about it. I spend lots of time before computer using Internet even more than TV.

I am not used to living with others. I hate the persons who are selfish or cocky. I have not too much instresting on working, making money nor struggling for something aggressively. I just want to spend day by day in calm and confortable ways.

Anybody who has some intresting specially with some same hobbies is welcomed to contact with me.


QQ:  1518056

17th Sep., 2004


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