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Photos Taken in Huawei Company

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I entered Huawei Company in the middle of 2000 as a software developing engineer in R&D department, Huawei provides employees super conditions in all asides, the photos flowing might prove this point. When I was in Huawei, I complained everyuthing about it, after working in it for three years I quited it looking for a better company, and the next company for me is even worse, thus I found Huawei is the better one through comparing, even the works is harder, but it seems Huawei is in more organized on most of things, and pepole working in Huawe are more confident for the company and themself, so do I.

Huawe started to biuld a huge and advanced a industry campus from 1998 or even before, it invested about 10 billion RMB on the campus, and it should be finished in 2003. All are very luxury considering it is a company in China. I love this campus, because sometimes I consider it as a pride works of a Chinese company, but sometimes I hate it, because I think the company invested too much money to biuld such a luxury campus which gives a little profit to the company, and becuase of this the company and the employees experienced a hard period from 2001 till 2003, while this was just the period when I was working in it.

Honestly to say, I appreciate this company, it provides me a good starting of my career, and gave me a good salary during that 3 years, and I found my cnofidence during that 3 years of working experience in it. Now I consider that Huawei is just a stop of my life, and I bless it would be better in future whenever it is mentioned or comes to my mind.

15th Sep., 2004



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