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A Great Day.

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I came to here 6 months ago, looking at what i did, I regret for deciding to come to this country for this project, I am still wasting my time and my life. Just 16K fixed telephons a system, while it has costed my half year and only half is finshed.....

In most of days during the last half year, I had nothing to do in the moring except went the office of the director of the post office here, talking, smoking, joking, and saying fuck to anybody and anycompany who delays this project.  And in the afternoon, driving around chasing from one sence to another is my only favorte. At night, using internet, chatting, reading and wathing tv are the only things I can do.

I found some intresting things to do, I have been some towns around here, and a far away city from here, and I learnt it was not easy to controll anything in this unorganized situation. I think both the company and me do not know how to make the progress quicker in such a situation, so i keep staying here and waiting for.

Anyhow, today, the slicing workers of tripoli came, they finished one site, and after maybe half hour, I finished the software of that site, then, that system started to run. This is the third site, and the first site outside the biuding gets to run, while I have 30 sites for total, I really do not know and I could not suppose what will happen tomorrow to stop the progress again.

I should be more patient, I must try to persuade my self trusting this is a practice for myself to finish a hard work, I get it, I am practiced and improved on this, and this well do good on me in future.

5th Sep., 2004


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