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An instresting Trip from Yabround to Malula

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A new photo collection has been uploaded in same site here, link address is:, the album name is 'Photos Taken on the Way from Yabround to Malula at 19th Dec., 2003'. All the photo collections at this site are under the link of

I traveled back from Allepo back to Damascus at 19th Dec., 2003 after I finished my work in Allepo, it was in cold winter and even colder in norht of Syria at that time. It happened to be rainny and snowy. When I nearly reached to Damascus, I changed my way from main road to a small road passing by from Yabround, Malula, Sydnaya, Dmascus Countryside Province and then Damascus.

Sydnaya and Malula are famous for their very old churchs. I visited them before in the last autumn. The two small towns locate in mountain area, and the reason for me trying to pass there and then I could have a glance at the scene after snowing. It was said to be the best place to go after snowing.

I drove from Yabround, a small town nearby main road back to Damascus, to Malula. But my car was stopped about 10 Kms after Yabround by the snow piles on the road, which was been swept from roadside, though a narrow way was been taken out from the snowy road in that morning by some special cars.

I had to switch off the car enginee to save fuel, I waited in cold without A.C for a hour or even longer, and then some two Syria residents came and helped me pulling out my car. And, then I had no selection but to go back, it was quite a pitty. I took about 40 or 50 pictures nearly Yabround to Malula. These pitures alwasy give me a exciting memory this  lonely and dangerous trip at that day, it was really wonderful to drive on a snowy and quiet road too.

31st Aug., 2004

Snow on the mountain is blowing and composing to a strange and greate scene!

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Snow covered mountains....

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Last one, come back to the start point, becuase the way was stopped by snow, and it was too risky to drive on that kind of condition alnone.

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