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My Parent's Photos Taken on Aug., 2003

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A new photo collection is uploaded in same site here, link address is:, the album name is 'My Parent in Shenzhen City, Aug., 2003. All the photo collections at this site are under the link of


I wish them to be happy always, I hope I would give them more happiness in future. I have nothing to say except I love my parent, for I am the only son of them, and they are proud of me, so do I on them.

My father was ever a soilder and in service for three years at the end of 1960s, before that he was an orphan started when he was just 13 year old. When my father came back to our hometown from army, he started biuld him a new big house and finished it 2 years later, and then got married with my mother.

My mother was uneducated while having so much wisdom, I even think she is cleverer and more enlightened than my father. My mother is always admiring persons who could receive education in shcool, cause she had to terminate her study when she was in second grade of primary school, since my grandmother could not pay the fee for school.

They fended up their four children, and are free now. They are so happy that one of my sisters and I went to university, for them, they attain something on us which was not possible for them when they were young.

I love my parent so much, they are ordinary farmers of our country, they devoted all of their half life to the country and us.

29th Aug., 2004

This was the first time they reached the seashore.

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My sister with mama...

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I love this photo, well taking...

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Walking alone.....

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Looking for....

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Mama was saying that I took too many photos.

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Father said this one is a brickkiln, and was used for firing tiles, it looks same for me too...

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I wish them to be happy everyday in future...

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They said that they liked this city....

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My mama recognized that two famous high buidings, and said maybe it was the only one could be seen now.

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