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    communication protocols
    protocol                  types of connections             supported
    tcp/ip                        local,remote                          all
    unix socket file           local only                           unix only
    named pipe              local only                             windows only
    shared memory        local only                              windows only
    tcp/ip connection are supported any mysql server
   unless the server is started with --skip-networking option
   unix socket file connects are supported by all unix servers.
   named-pipe connections are support only on windows and only if you use one of the servers
   that has -nt in its name (mysql-nt,mysql-max-nt).however,named pipes are disabled by default.
   to enable named-pipe connections ,you must start the -nt server with --enable-named-pipe option.
   shared-memory connections are supported by all windows servers.but are disables by default to
   enable shared-memory connections,you must start the server with the --shared-momory option.
 mysql 常用客户端工具
  mysqlimport  proviides a command-line interfact to the load data infile statement.
  mysqldump  for dumping the contents of database and tables. it's useful for making backups or for copying database to other machines.
  mysql -uroot -p -h localhost -S /tmp/mysql3306.socket -P 3006

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