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使用SAP PI和XIF Adapter将SAP CRM Opportunity同步到C4C系统

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Below picture is copied from SAP Standard training material CR500 – CRM Middleware: It is possible to leverage CRM XIF Adapter plus SAP PI to replicate the data from CRM to external system.

The necessary step to setup configuration in CRM, C4C and PI side could be found from  SAP document. Here below is an example how Opportunity created by CRM WebUI could be replicated to C4C.

(1) Create an Opportunity in CRM:

The opportunity is saved with ID 37985. Once saved, check the mBDOC generated via tcode SMW01 in CRM:

Click button “Show BDoc Msg Erros/Receivers”:

In my example the site 0LO7ESN points to the target C4C system.

(2) Check generated IDOC via tcode WE02 in CRM: specify filter using Basic Type = CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_U01 and Partner number = site name got from previous step:

There is one IDOC found:

Expand record to see IDOC detail:

(3) In C4C system, the Opportunity ID generated in CRM is stored as “External ID”:

The Opportunity created in CRM is displayed in C4C as below:

Now if you make further changes on the Opportunity in CRM, the delta change will automatically be replicated to C4C as well. In Work center Administration(Beta), view Integration->Web Service Message Monitoring,

we can see the inbound web service messages are logged there.

Click View->Payload to see message content:


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