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如何在SAP Cloud for Customer中创建基于Opportunity的Registered Product

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I find from  SAP help the prerequisite to create Opportunity based on registered product:

However, when I go to Business Configuration work center and I find I could not enable this checkbox:

SAP help does not mention how to deal with this situation, so I have researched this issue a little bit.

The reason is I also need to enable “Registered Products and Installed Base” in scoping:

Unfortunately even after I enabled “Registered Products and Installed Base” and set the question “Do you want to enable users to capture registered products in opportunities?”, the opportunity tab is still missing in Registered Product TI page.

Then I debug the code how the tabs in Registered Product TI are rendered.

For the visible tab in TI, the tab is actually rendered by line 89 in file BaseControlWrapper.js in screenshot above. However for the missing opportunity tab, it never has any chance to enter the first IF branch because the IF condition in line 88 does not fulfill. The reason is bPersHidden equals to true. Then I start personalization and find the Opportunities tab is by default hidden in personalization setting:

After that the tab is displayed as I expect – it is ready to create new opportunity based on a registered product now.

The created opportunity also has a tab which contains a reference to the original registered product:


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