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SAP C4C工作流(Workflow)接收方自动决定的一个例子

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When you create workflow rules for Account BO with Email as Rule type,

you can choose a set of standard determination logic from this drop down list.

In case this standard list does not fulfill your requirement, you can create your own entries. Here below are steps in detail:

(1) In Work center Business Configuration, open Activity List:

Open Party Role Definition:

Add a new entry here:

(2) Now this entry could be selected as recipient determination in Rule edit UI:

Define a place holder bound to Account BO field “Name” and use it in email title and body:

Email template with following source code is uploaded:

(3) Specify Jerry Wang as one member of Account Team with Party role code created in step 1:

Once account is saved, Jerry received one mail with actual account named merged into mail template:


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