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使用SAP Cloud Application Studio实现OVS(Object Value Selector)

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You might be interested about how to build Value Help in other SAP UI technology as well:

My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

(1) Create a new OVS based on Customer BO:

Remove the automatically generated query node in controller tab. Create a new SADL query, and select InternalID as query parameter.

Choose another field BusinessPartnerFormattedName as search parameter as well. Select “Basic Find” checkbox to enable free text search.

Now you should see these three fields in data tab which will be used to bind to search parameter field in UI later.

Manually specify this new created SADL query in all automatically generated event handler. By default those event handler uses the query node automatically created during the OVS creation, this is the reason why you have to replace with your own SADL query instead.

(2) In Data tab, bind these two fields accordingly. Root/Items/InternalID will be passed back to OVS consumer.

Bind these two fields to Outport parameter as displayed below.

(3) Since the work in Data tab and controller tab are done, the left task is to draw search parameter field in Designer tab.

Drag two Input field from Toolbox and bind them to the query parameter accordingly:

Finish default set mapping and FindForm modelling:

(4) All development relevant on OVS component itself is done. Now it is ready to consume it in another UI component. This is my BO which contains a field pointing to a reference customer ID:

Bind this BO field in UI and specify the UI field with DisplayType = ObjectValueSelector.

Assign the created OVS component to this field:

Test in runtime

Click F4 to open value help:

Select a given item in search result and the customer ID will be passed back to consumer UI:

You can also use search field to search by Customer Name:


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