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使用扩展方式隐藏SAP Fiori应用某个表格标签页的实际案例

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Sample Overview

(1) developed via WebIDE:  (2) extension on standard Fiori application: My Opportunity (3) source code could be found:  (4) implemented feature: hide the standard tab “Participants”

Key points

(1) in Component.js, the following line is mandatory:

It is used to ensure all the source code of standard My Opportunity application are loaded with the path passed via fregisterModulePath method and stored in folder with structure as below ( Observed in Chrome development tool )

(2) in the source code automatically generated via WebIDE wizard, the standard Opportunity component is loaded with code below, via function sap.ui.component.load:

Through my testing, I find it is not necessary, so I just comment it out ( red part ) as below, and use to load the standard component instead ( green part ).

(3) The hidden of “Participants” tab is achieved via viewModifications as displayed below:

The id “salesTeam” could be found in S3.view.xml of Opportunity project:

(4) If you deploy the extension project to ABAP repository and configure it as Fiori launchpad tile, the index.html is not needed when you access your extension project via launchpad. However if you would like to test your extension project locally in WebIDE by selecting “index.html” and click Run button in toolbar, then line 30 below is mandatory. It has the same purpose as the line mentioned in keypoint #one.

How to ensure your view modification take effect

Enter you extension project, now you could not see Participants tab in UI, and you could also observe the corresponding log in Chrome console.


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