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如何通过阅读代码的方式查出SAP ERP和CRM里物料主数据描述信息的数据库存储表

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Recently I am working on a project whose prerequisite is that developer must figure out how a field for example Material description in ERP and Product description in CRM is stored.

For example, user can maintain description for Material in ERP and Product in CRM:

And my aim is to find out which two database tables store the content of the description field in ERP and CRM.

How to find the database tables and fields where this description is stored in ERP and CRM separately?

(1) Log on to a CRM system, tcode R3AC1, Position, type “Material”:

Click tab “Mapping Modules:”

Double click this subroutine:

then double click again:

MARC: Plant Data for Material in ERP

MAKT: Material Descriptions table in ERP

Double click this subroutine:

Clear enough now?

Note that com_product is not database table but just a structure. The structure is used as input to call product API to save the change triggered from ERP into CRM database table.

However in this very case, it is fortunate enough since the database table COMM_PRODUCT has exactly the same name of fields:

From line 23, keyword “shtext” and “short_text”, we can know the product descrption is modelled as set type in CRM product.

Please read set type concept from sap help. Then find potential database table which stores product text in CRM using “*” in SE16:

And this is just what I am looking for:


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