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SAP C4C基于Thing Type和BO Object两种跳转方式介绍

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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

Thing Type based navigation

When I click the hyperlink in a given row in OWL, it is expected that the corresponding Thing Inspector page will be opened.

(1) maintain the related associated Thing Type container for the hyperlink field where the navigation is triggered.

(2) Change the Thing Type Mode to static and choose the correct Thing Type for target Thing Inspector page.

BO Object based navigation

The simplest approach is to create OBN via wizard. However in this blog I explain another way which implements OBN by purely manual step. (1) Create a PTP from context menu:

Choose the BO belonging to target TI page:

Create a parameter for created PTP:

(2) In target TI controller, create an unbound data field OBN_key:

And create a new inport and bind the PTP created in previous step into this inport. Bind the parameter defined in PTP into the data field OBN_key created just now.

Create an event handler openTI which contains a BO Read Operation, and pass OBN_Key as read parameter.

Assign the created event handler to the inport, so that when inport is executed, the correct BO instance specified by parameter OBN_Key will be read to render the TI page.

(3) In navigation source OWL, create a new Edit button and maintain the navigation according to below setting:

The outport openTIOut should also be assigned to PTP created in step one. Create an event handler to fire this outport:

And finally assign this event handler to Edit button.

In the runtime when Edit button is clicked,

TI page will be opened:


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